Chris Kirk Software Engineer

I’m a software engineer with a decade of experience. I’ve worked across a variety of problem spaces on teams both large and small, playing critical roles in high-profile projects. My passion is finding the elegant solution hiding in every complex problem.

I’m currently a software engineer at Peloton, specializing in API development. I previously worked at Lifion by ADP, New York Magazine, and Slate. For more, see my my resume.

Recent Work

The Cut Redesign

New York Magazine’s women and fashion brand, refurbished

230 Things Trump Has Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President

An interactive list, with React

The Year of Outrage

An interactive calendar of outrage

Battling My Daemons

My quest to build my own email client in Node and React

Game of Thrones Graveyard

A sacred place to mourn your favorite characters

Gerrymander Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you put the bizarrely shaped congressional districts back together?

When Super PACs Attack

Watch the money fly as PACs spend millions to tear down or bolster the candidates

A Year of Gun Deaths

A sobering look at the gun-related deaths over a year

Shootings in America

Type in your address to see the shootings around you

Starbucks Locations Quiz

Can you guess the city from the pattern of its Starbucks locations?

Name These 80s Hits By Their First Second

The ultimate music challenge

Supreme Court Life Expectancy Calculator

Calculating the odds that another SCOTUS justice will die by 2021