A Year of Gun Deaths

This is a restoration of Slate's Gun Deaths project, which tracked, aggregated, and visualized gun deaths from the 2012 mass shooting of Newtown to the end of the following year. A team of volunteers gathered the data shown below from thousands of news articles and public sources. For more, see the original article on Slate.

As Slate's website has evolved, many old interactive projects became broken, and fixing them all is infeasible. I've restored this one because I think the information is important. To ensure it endures, this version does not rely on a server to serve up and filter the data. Note that many links to source articles are broken or the articles now sit behind paywalls.

– Chris Kirk, former Interactives Editor of Slate.com


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Matching Deaths: or more between Newtown and Dec. 31, 2013

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Each person under 13 years of age is designated "child"; from 13 to 17: "teen"; 18 and older: "adult."

The same icons used to represent males is also used to represent individuals of unknown gender. The same icons used to represent adults is also used to represent people of unknown age group.

The yellow and blue backgrounds represent alternating days.

The information is collected by volunteers from news reports about the deaths. The Slate interactives team and these volunteers continually manage and revise the data.

The data are not comprehensive because not all gun-related deaths are reported by the news media. For example, suicides often go unreported.